My Certified Life

Hello World!

Thank you for taking the time to check out “The Certified Chronicles.”  This is my new blog that explores the journey of a woman (me) who has lived her life doing everything the “right” way. I graduated high school on time, obtained my undergraduate degree in four years and moved on my own to the Washington, DC area with no family or friends in sight.  I obtained my Master’s by time I was 24, landed a great paying job, bought a condo at 25 and was married by 29.  I gave birth to my son a year later and was on my way to divorce just two years after that. At 32, with the ink dry on my divorce papers, I was back in my one-bedroom condo…but this time as a single mother instead of a single woman. This was the beginning of what has been a constant “aha” moment. For all this life I had lived up until this point, I realized I had never taken the time to find out what makes me really happy. The happy that you feel from the inside out. The happy that, despite the heart breaks and bad days, no one person or thing can take away.

So here I am, now at 34 years-old, trying to peel back layers and piece together who I am authentically. This process feels drawn-out and uncomfortable, but I know it is necessary. They say those things that are worth it, never come easy.  Finding my true passion and inner-peace…being unapologetically me…is absolutely worth it. I’ve had days where I’ve cried non-stop, screamed into a pillow, yelled in my car with all of the windows up and even had some angry conversations with the Creator. Yet, I can also feel the healing that is taking place. The negative energy that has been and continues to be removed from my life, which allows room for more positive energy and growth. I’ve been blessed to find a great therapist and have had new people, as well as re-established friends, brought into my life who truly support me on my journey.

One of the most important things I have learned and that I continue to be reminded of, is that life really is about the journey and not the destination. As a woman who has always lived her life by definition, I’ve been frustrated with myself for not feeling like I’ve arrived at a certain place. When I was in college, I just knew I was going to have it all together and then some by time I was 30. Now I am almost 35 and having to reconcile what I thought was going to be, with what really is. I feel I’ve had my share of enough life experiences to be able to look back and see how those experiences have shaped me. When I take that time to reflect, I am proud of myself for being a continuous survivor. For never giving up. For never shifting the blame onto others but instead, taking responsibility and accountability for my own actions and decisions. No one is responsible for my life but me, so it is up to me to make the decisions that will impact and shape the life that I want going forward from here. What this has all shown me is that we are constantly evolving on the journey, and if we can live in the moment enough and be in tune with the Universe enough (tactics I’m still learning), then we can enjoy the journey for what it is, instead of being frustrated at never reaching, or struggling to reach, the ever-elusive finish line.

So, this is my story. We all have one to share. I hope mine is insightful, inspiring or at the very least, entertaining. I love to help people and make people feel happy…and I hope you will find that here.

Peace and Love.


5 Comments on “My Certified Life”

  1. stepmama says:

    ~With such shining honesty, you give the rest of us inspiration and encouragement on our own journeys. The Red Tent Syposium has found an eloquent spokeswoman and your son has a loving mom to be proud of.

    • biracialmama says:

      thank you stepmama!!! i am a reflection of the love of really great parents and family. i am proud and grateful to pay that love forward!

  2. sandi says:

    Hi Rachel, life is indeed a journey with lots of peaks and valleys. It’s one that we all must take as we become who GOD created us to be.
    Please know that you are not alone.
    love you.

  3. Isha KI says:

    This is beautiful Rachel. Trust that you are not alone on this journey, even though you travel it on your own. (I hope you get my meaning). Big hugs to you!

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