Song of the Day

A homegirl that I met through the Red Tent (see the related earlier blog “Pitching a Tent”) has an AMAZING ear when it comes to music. In my secret life, I am many things: a reporter for “People” magazine, a powerful community development executive, an artist of sorts and a DJ. I admire, without envy, those truly talented folks who know all kinds of good music and when and how to play it. If I could, I’d have a really cool brownstone in Brooklyn and I’d be a go-to DJ for various events. Music is the soul of life and I love to make people happy, so what better way to do so than through the gift of song?

Earlier today, this homegirl sent me a list of some of her favorite tracks on SoundCloud. There are 93 tracks listed, but I went straight to this one and have played it multiple times already. I feel like it describes exactly where I am in my life right now.

Check it and enjoy. “Live Your Life” by Yuna.


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