Adventures in Teaching Yoga – Who Are My Students?

“The Certified Chronicles” author’s note:

Loving this blog post by my fellow Yogi, Oneika, who I have been blessed to connect with through the power of social media. The new and/or returning students can be the hardest group of people to teach. YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) has definitely shown me this. Oneika’s post serves as a powerful reminder, as it is beginner students who I want to teach the most when I become a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). During my daily home practice, I make a point to talk through the asanas as though I were teaching someone who is brand new to the mat. Most of us in my particular training program can find this to be challenging. It’s easy and familiar to just bust into a pose as practitioners. We can sometimes forget that the smallest of cues can make the biggest difference in helping someone reach their fullest expression of an asana.

As I continue to grow in practice and teacher training, I also grow in my desire to want to share Yoga with the world. It really is a beautiful thing. Namaste. 🙂

Adventures in Teaching Yoga – Who Are My Students?.

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